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Visual Studio 2012 – Paste XML as Classes

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Here we have a new version of Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2012.

This new version is coming out at the time of diversification of computing technology and platform. So this new version is loaded with new capabilities for Windows 8, the web, SharePoint, mobile, and cloud development.

This new version has brought a lot of new and interesting features. Out of which today I was more exited with feature “Paste XML as Classes”.

Paste XML as Classes

Say you have a well formed XML file and need to deserialize it to a fully qualified .Net type objects. Building this manually is a very dull and monotonous job. Visual Studio 2012 has a new feature “Paste XML as Classes”.

Below is one sample well-formed XML.

Copy the XML content and open a new class file. From the menu select select Edit | Paste Special | Paste XML as Classes as shown below.

Visual Studio will automatically generate the code as shown below.