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CERN recreating Big Bang!

CERN Collision

The Swiss laboratory CERN an European Organisation for Nuclear Research on Wednesday successfully begin an experiment to recreate conditions just after the Big Bang, which scientists believe gave birth to the universe.

In the Hadron Collider control room the test processes started by firing a beam of protons all the way around a 27 kilometer tunnel. After a series of trial runs, two white dots flashed on a computer screen at 10:36 am (0836 GMT) indicating that the protons had travelled the full length.

The organisation, known by its French acronym CERN, began firing the protons – a type of subatomic particle – around the tunnel in stages less than an hour earlier.

Now that the beam has been successfully tested in clockwise direction, CERN plans to send it counter-clockwise. Eventually, two beams will be fired in opposite directions with the aim of recreating conditions a split second after the big bang, which scientists theorize was the massive explosion that created the universe.

The start of the collider – described as the biggest physics experiment in history – comes over the objections of some skeptics who fear the collision of protons could eventually imperil the earth.

The skeptics theorised that a by-product of the collisions could be micro black holes, subatomic versions of collapsed stars whose gravity is so strong they can suck in planets and other stars.

This historical experiment is witnessed by 30-odd physicists from India including Raniwala couple from Jaipur.