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How to download software from MSDN with Windows 7 64bit OS

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I had 32 bit version of Windows 7 running in my PC with 4 GB of RAM. To improve my machine performance my organization gave another 4 GB of RAM. I added these new RAM to machine but my machine did not recognize newly added extra RAM. Bing on this issue revealed the fact that Windows 7 or Vista can support only up to 3.6 GB of main memory.

This required me to upgrade my OS to Windows 7 64 bit. Than I had to download few dev softwares form MSDN. As usual logged into MSDN page and tried to download. I could not download any software instead each try I was getting below pop-up message.

VBScript: Microsoft File Transfer Manager
There was an error launching File Transfer Manager.
If you are running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1, this installation may have been blocked. If the gold IE Information Bar is Present above, please click the bar and select the option to “Install ActiveX”.
For additional assistance, please visit the web site, or contact your help provider.

So I had no clue why this is appearing. So did a Bing again and found that this issue caused because I was using 64bit version of Internet Explorer. So than I used IE 32 bit version and able to download softwares from MSDN.

Since I have 64 bit version of OS thought of installing all 64 bit version software available. So I downloaded Office 2010 64 bit version and installed. Now the new trouble started. None of your old Office add-ins worked with new Office. My Office communicator could not find any mail client installed and every time I open either Office communicator or Outlook I started getting below message box.

So again did some Bing. But for my bad luck there is no solution available for my problem yet. Answer to the problem is none of my old Office add-ins will work in the 64-bit world. They have to be rewritten and recompiled specifically for 64-bit Office 2010. In some cases, programming controls commonly used in the 32-bit world aren’t even available in 64-bit. And moreover only benefit of 64 bit version of office is ability to handle spread-sheet size larger than 2 GB which in any near future I will not need. So the recommendation is avoid installing 64 bit version of Office 2010.